Three reasons to consider selling your home this spring

  • 2 years ago

We are experiencing our strongest ever start to this season’s home-selling market as the warm spring sunshine arrives in full force. This month, the average asking price of a home in Britain has risen to a new record high. As a result of the increasing demand for housing, prices continue to increase.

At this time of year, Rightmove has never experienced such a huge gap between home-buyers and home-sellers. Thus, if you are considering moving, this is the best time to have your home listed. The reasons are as follows.

1. You are likely to achieve a record price for your property

This month, the average asking price across Great Britain rose by £5,760, reaching a record-high of £354,564. It is the largest increase seen at this point in the year since March 2004.

It is also a highly competitive market, with many estate agents reporting that homes are receiving multiple offers from buyers, thus if you were not ready to put your home on the market last year, you now have another opportunity to do so while the market is excellent.

2. Your chances of finding a buyer within the first week have never been higher

Currently, approximately one out of every five homes listed on Rightmove is sold within the first week after being listed. As compared to the more normal market of 2019, this figure is double.

Over half of the properties listed were sold within the first two weeks, which illustrates the high level of buyer demand and the speed with which you can make an offer on your next home.

3. You may have the opportunity to choose from several prospective buyers

In the spring selling season, there are now more buyers than sellers on the market, which is the largest imbalance that we have ever noticed.

It is therefore likely that you will be able to choose from a wide range of suitable purchasers.

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