May 2022

Making improvements to a leasehold property – Licence to Alter

In order to carry out home improvements on a leasehold property, you may require a licence to alter. The following information explains what a licence to alter is, when you will need one, and how you can obtain one. What is it? Essentially, a licence to alter is the permission to change or improve a leasehold property. When renovating, extending, or developing a leasehold property, you might need a...

What an estate agent will consider when valuing your home

Are you considering selling your home? It is possible to obtain a rough estimate of what your home may be worth online, however, the most accurate way to get a valuation is to contact a local estate agent. Let me explain how a property's value is calculated: The obvious - and perhaps most important - factors are as follows: LocationSizeLocal prices In addition, there are factors unique to your...

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