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BMV Market is the property deal marketplace, where you can market your deals to approved buyers in minutes. 

You can list your property deals on our platform. Once your property is listed, we will offer it to our waiting list of qualified investors. You can sell your deals faster and earn more money.

Our database of approved property investors are looking for deals, why not list your property deals today? 

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Benefits in joining us

Transparent Fee Structure

There is no upfront fee to list on our site. We split the commission 50/50 on successful sale*

Credible & Trustworthy

We are fully compliant and trusted members of the ICO, PRS & HMRC

Build Your Profile & Brand

Gain more exposure for your brand and your deals via our platform and our social media channels.

Access Investor Network

You have access to our qualified Investors with funds ranging from £100k to over £10m

Experienced Support Team

Access our support team at [email protected] and have your designated @bmvmarket.co.uk email address.

BMV Market Insight

Access to our platform back end analytics tool, giving you essential information and diagnostics on your deals


  • Sign up  using the button below
  • We send you our Co-Sourcing  Agreement.
  • You provide evidence that you are compliant with your KYC documents.
  • You upload your deals directly to the site.
  • We publish the deal and offer it directly to our investors.
  • The investor reserves the deal and we arrange with you for them to view the property.
  • The investor agrees to purchase the deal.
  • We split your Finders Fee on a 50:50 commission split on completion.

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No upfront fees
  • Earn more money
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  • Access investor capital available to invest from £50k to over £10m.

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Register as a sourcer

1. Register as a User

After you have created your User Account, we will send you our Co-Sourcing Agreement & KYC request.

2. Assessing your deal

One of our Support Team will review and assess your deals and will call you to finalise the details if required. You must provide evidence of consent to list/ sell the property from the vendor.

For us to assess and publish  your property deal, you will need to confirm:

Type of Deal

Finders Fee & Cashflow for Year 1

ROI, Net Yield & Gross Yield

Road Name and Full Postcode

Pictures of the property & Floorplans

Comparables of similar properties sold and for rent 

If we are happy with everything, we will publish your property live on showcase your deal to all investors.

3. Prospective Buyers

As soon as your deal is approved our buyers will be able to view the property details and contact us to reserve your property. Our Support Team will speak with the buyer to formally reserve the property and arrange a viewing. We will liaise with you to fix the most convenient time with the vendor for viewing.  There is a better prospect of agreeing on a sale if the buyer views the property quickly, so we ask that you are flexible & prompt with the viewing arrangements.  

4. Completing Your Sale

Once the buyer has agreed to purchase your property, our team will manage the process until completion. We assist with all matters to get the deal closed as quickly as possible. 

We are available by email: [email protected]