Build your sourcing business & partner with BMV Market.

BMV Market connects property investors with property deals. Our investors are actively seeking deals like yours to build profitable, portfolios, seeking everything from high yielding HMO’s to Land with planning to Flips and more. 

Welcome Deal Sourcers

We understand the challenges you face as a Deal Sourcer:

You complete your training, You find your deal, You negotiate your deal and then You try to sell your deal. 

BMV Market is the UK property deal marketplace, where you can now market your deals to approved waiting buyers in minutes. 

Even better, rather than source a deal and hope that an investor buys it, you can join us as BMV Market Sourcer and we provide you with deal requirements from our waiting buyers, so you source exactly what the investor wants, no waiting and hoping to sell. We believe it is the right way to source property deals. You will sell your deals faster and ultimately earn more money. 

Our database of approved property investors are looking for deals, why not start sourcing for exactly what they are looking for today. It is a Win-Win.


5K Per Month

Earn a minimum of £5k per month*

Approved Buyers

Source deals for approved waiting buyers

Unlimited Deals

Market unlimited deals to buyers every month

Access Investor Network

Source deals for Investors with capital from £100k to over £1m

Experienced Support Team

Help when you need it from our trained support team

No Contract

Transparent monthly fee with no contract & no tie ins.

*based on sourcing 2 deals per month with an average £5k fee.


  • You choose your membership package, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and create your User Login.
  • You pay for your Monthly membership.
  • We send you our Sourcing Agreement for signing.
  • You upload any deals you have to our site – Full details here
  • We send you ‘Deal Profiles’ to source for waiting investors depending on your membership package.
  • You source the deal matching the investor’s requirements.
  • You set your Finders Fee and upload your deal.
  • We match your deal with the waiting investor.
  • The investor reserves the deal and we arrange for them to view the property.
  • The investor agrees to purchase the deal.
  • We share the Finders Fee 50/50.



Getting Started
Free per month
  • Upload up to 100 listings to approved buyers
  • Source deals for buyers - no direct investor access
  • Experienced admin support


£ 49
per month
  • Upload up to 500 listings to approved buyers
  • Source deals for buyers with £100k to £500k cash available to invest
  • Experienced admin support


£ 99
per month
  • Upload up to 1000 listings to approved buyers
  • Source deals for buyers with £500k+ cash available to invest
  • Experienced admin support

Reserving Your Property

What Are The Steps?

1. One of our dedicated consultants will contact you to discuss your new property purchase and answer any questions you may have.

2. We send you our Non-Disclosure & Non-Circumvent Agreement and Finders Fee Agreement for you to sign. These standard agreements protect all parties involved from disclosing confidential information about the vendors and the deal or contacting them directly.

3. You Pay your Finders Fee. We understand that you may feel uncomfortable paying your Fee at this stage, but this Fee is fully refundable and gives you exclusivity to the deal so that no other buyer can access it.

4. We arrange for you to go and view the property. We believe it is important that you or your representative view the property you are about to purchase to make sure that it is the right fit. We ask that you make yourself available to view the property promptly as most of the vendors are looking for a quick sale and require speed and certainty.

5. After viewing the property, we will discuss your feedback. You decide whether you wish to proceed with the purchase/ rental.

6. If you wish to proceed, that’s fantastic. We will send you a Purchase Agreement and request some basic information: Full name and address of the buyer, proof of I.D, address, and solicitor details etc.

7. If you do not wish to proceed, that’s ok too. We will refund 100% of your Finders Fee. You email [email protected], and we will ensure a full refund within 48 hours of your email.

Sourcers Info

1. Upload Your Property to our Portal

After you have created your User Account, you can proceed to upload your property deals.

2. Assessing your deal

One of our Support Team will review and assess your property and will call you to finalise the details if required.

For us to assess and publish  your property, you will need to upload:

Full Address
Pictures of the property
Videos if available
Comparables of similar properties sold in the area and for sale
Rental comparables

If we are happy with everything, we will publish your property live on our site for waiting buyers to access.

3. Prospective Buyer

As soon as your listing is live, our buyers will be able to view the property details and contact us to reserve your property. Our Support Team will speak with the buyer to formally reserve the property and arrange a viewing. We will liaise with you to fix the most convenient time with the vendor for viewing.  There is a better prospect of agreeing on a sale if the buyer views the property quickly, so we ask that you are flexible & prompt with the viewing arrangements.  

4. Completing Your Sale

Once the buyer has agreed to purchase your property, our team will manage the process until completion. We are available to assist with all matters to get the deal closed as quickly as possible. 

We are available by email: [email protected]

We are transparent about our fees, and we split the Finders Fee on a 50/50 basis on properties sold.