Prime Cities for New-Build Property Investments

Property investors are drawn to cities undergoing extensive regeneration, with new research shedding light on the most promising locations for new-build property investment in the UK.

As the UK government maintains a keen focus on house building, efforts to clear planning backlogs take centre stage. Measures such as changes to permitted development regulations aim to bolster housing numbers, addressing challenges posed by material costs, labour shortages, and post-pandemic disruptions.

A recent study by offers valuable insights into cities leading the way in new-build property creation. Edinburgh and Aberdeen emerge as front runners, boasting impressive completion rates per capita. Noteworthy cities like Newcastle upon Tyne and Manchester also exhibit robust growth in new home deliveries.

Manchester stands out for efficiently converting planning approvals into completed new-builds, reflecting its proactive approach to property development. Other cities making the top 10 list include Swindon, Cardiff, Leeds, Derby, and London, each contributing to the dynamic landscape of new-build investments.

Amidst speculation surrounding potential government incentives, investing in new-build properties presents numerous advantages. Energy efficiency features prominently, with new-build homes offering substantial savings on energy bills and access to “green” mortgages. Furthermore, purchasing off-plan often translates to discounted prices and increased prospects of future capital appreciation.

As mortgage rates remain a key consideration for buyers, the allure of new-build properties is further enhanced by their energy-efficient attributes and potential for long-term financial gains. With cities like Edinburgh and Manchester leading the charge, investors have ample opportunities to capitalise on the burgeoning market for new-build property investments.

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