August 2023

Navigating Homeownership Amidst Economic Uncertainties: Insights from Mortgage Advice Bureau’s Research

The current economic climate continues to wield its influence on the preferences of prospective property buyers, significantly impacting decisions on property co-ownership and shared living arrangements. Recent research conducted by Mortgage Advice Bureau has unearthed compelling insights into the evolving landscape of property acquisition, revealing changing attitudes and considerations in light of...

UK Housing Market Sees Sharpest Drop in Asking Prices since 2018!

The UK's housing market, which witnessed a remarkable surge during the Covid-19 pandemic, is now exhibiting signs of moderation. Recent data from property portal Rightmove reveals a notable decline in asking prices for homes during August, the sharpest since 2018. After a string of four consecutive months marked by decreasing house prices, this shift hints at a broader slowdown in the property sector....

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