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Question about Below Market Value Properties

Buying property for investment purposes comes with a risk, as with any investment. However, property is one of the safest investments you can make, especially if you are  buying Below Market Value (BMV). By buying Below The Market Value, you purchase property at a discount of the open market value, meaning you have instant equity from day one, which reduces risk.

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Investing in property should not emotive, and you should invest in an area that helps achieve your property objectives. This will vary, depending on whether you are seeking high yields, capital growth, or a property to refurbish and sell. Either way, you should ensure you complete thorough due diligence, and make sure the property you are purchasing is right for you. We at BMV can help guide you.

Typically, you will require 25% of the purchase price as a deposit, along with approximately £1,000 legal fees, 2 – 5% of the purchase price for stamp duty and approximately £5000.00 finders fee.

You may also need some funds available to refurbish your property if it requires work. 

You can go to to calculate your stamp duty. 

Now– is the right time to invest in property. The UK is a very popular Island with an increasing population and a massive housing shortage. This huge demand and limited supply mean that while property prices do fluctuate annually house prices continue to trend upwards. 

There are many benefits to investing in property:

Leverage – you can  buy an asset worth much more than the funds you have available, using a mortgage or loan.

Forced Appreciation – You can add value to your property to generate equity. This is can be achieved by a simple refurbishment, or a full renovation or conversion. You can then hold or sell the property. 

Rental Income -You can  let out your property for a monthly income. 

Capital Appreciation – .  The housing market generally trends upwards so as well as a rental income you can benefit from capital growth. 

These are just a few benefits of investing in property.

Here are some of the risks to be aware of when looking to invest in property:

Property Price fluctuation

Although over the  long term, property prices tend to increase, in the short term the market can fluctuate. If you’re looking at investing in property over a short term, you should be aware of this risk.


If you are holding a property for rental income, there are times when your property may be unoccupied. With no income coming in, this will affect your yield and your cashflow. It is important therefore, to always have a cash buffer, and to save money monthly to cover void periods.   

Right Here!

At BMV Market, we source properties and negotiate discounts below market value that we pass on to you.  We source these through our sister company, a UK property house buyer.

We also source to order, so if you are seeking a specific type of  investment property we can help you. 

BMV stands for Below Market Value, and is a term commonly associated with property investment. Typically a 15% discount is negotiated off the open market value. We pass that discount on to you.

We are the marketplace for BMV property deals.

This depends on the type of property you invest in, and the location, but you should expect on average 6-7% yield for a Buy to Let property. If you were to invest in an House of Multiple Occupation (HMO), you could expect yields over 10%.

Our Team source a wide range of property investment opportunities, with a focus on Below Market Value deals.

We source:

  • Off Market Deals
  • Below Market Value (BMV)
  • Buy to Let (BTL)
  • Commercial Property Deals
  • Refurbishment Projects (Flips)
  • Development Projects
  • Rent to Rent (R2R)
  • Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO)

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